About Dr Prashant Bhartiya

Dr. Prashant Bhartiya


Dr Prashant Bhartiya is an Eye Specialist and has been trained extensively in Corneal Surgery with a long experience in treating Corneal Diseases since his training at Apex institutes like R P Centre, AIIMS New Delhi from year 1997 onwards. He has honed his skills in Corneal Transplantation and Refractive surgery at Melbourne, Australia with a prestigious fellowship from the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital under Prof Hugh Taylor. He specializes in various forms of Keratoplasty like DSEK for Endothelial dysfunctions or Complications of cataract surgery, DALK for Keratoconus, LK, PK and Therapeutic Keratoplasty for Corneal infections. Specialized corneal surgeries like C3R for Keratoconus, Amniotic Membrane Grafts and Intrastromal Injections of antifungals are done at Cornea Labs and Surgical Centre, a centre for exclusive and Dedicated Corneal Surgical Work. Dr Prashant Bhartiya himself does pioneering detailed microbiological work up for management of cases of Keratitis, especially infected (Corneal Ulcers) and has special interest in immunological diseases of the eye like Dry Eye and Rheumatoid arthritis related corneal conditions. Besides this, he has been doing Phacoemulsification, LASIK and other Eye Surgeries at Suprabhat Healthcare at Indore, MP India. Services of Cornea Labs and Surgical Centre have been utilized by patients and referring eye specialists from all over the country and abroad.
Dr Prashant Bhartiya is an Advanced Phaco Surgeon with capabilities to do Topical anesthesia MICS with an incision as small as 1.6 mm with advanced Swiss technology. Dr Prashant Bhartiya has been a Phaco Trainer and Corneal Surgery trainer at National workshops at RP Centre, AIIMS, New Delhi. A fellowship at Melbourne, Australia in Cornea and Refractive surgery has enhanced his services especially in Refractive surgery Procedures like LASIK, LASEK, PTK and Refractive lens surgeries like Phakic IOLS, Refractive Lens exchange with Toric and Multifocal IOLS.